Report of National workshop on Protocol Development for Sustainable Governance of NTFP Resources

What is banajata?

The website tries to present all possible information on NTFP management and trade mostly relating to Orissa and its neighbouring states, where the NTFP from Orissa go for higher level value addition and marketing. The website not only emphasizes on the market related information but also on scientific management of different NTFP. An important component in the website is the list of NTFP booklets in Oriya which gives detailed information on the phenology, cultivation, sustainable harvesting, processing, storage, commercial propagation, marketing, policies etc related to different NTFPs. The website also hosts the current market price of different NTFPs in at least 6 national markets of India as well as some important NTFP markets of Orissa.

  1. Banajata is a voluntary website register under RCDC. Easy reach of information regarding NTFP to forest dwellers
  2. As a leader in the field of promoting NTFPs.
  3. Generating employment for forest dwellers through conserving the forest cover area.
  4. Increasing the awareness regarding NTFPs among the poor livelihood in lower level.

Regional Centre for Development Cooperation (RCDC)