Report of National workshop on Protocol Development for Sustainable Governance of NTFP Resources
How to market NTFP?
Near about one crore people living in and around forests in India derive their livelihood support from the collection and marketing of NTFPs. But, due to lack of proper procurement of these products, its marketing is henceforth affected. So, if a proper marketing strategy is designed, the target could be achieved.

The people residing near forests usually collect the NTFPs during its peak season and sell it for their livelihood. Traders can procure these NTFPs from them at some perceptive rates and sell at those places, where the demand is more.

For example- In the cities, NTFPs are inaccessible. Traders can sell these forest produce to the available customers either in raw form or polished form. Medicinal plants as well as decorative and ornamental items are in high demand. So, one can concentrate in this area and earn profit. Various Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Cooperative societies are also available at grassroot level for procuring and marketing of NTFPs.

The addresses of some SHGs and Cooperative societies of concerned states are given in this website.